Prepare for Summer Image


Summer is right around the corner. School is almost out and people are prepping for those warm summer days ahead. This time of year is known for vacations, beach days, swimming pools, barbeques, ice cream, and fun. Here are 5 things to do to get ready to have a great summer.

1. Buy Sunscreen

Those sun rays feel so good after a winter of cold gloomy days but they can be harmful to our skin. Make sure to check on your supply of sunscreen. If any of them are expired, throw them out. Stock up on sunscreen now so that you don’t have to run to the store last minute.

2. Continue Exercising

Now that the weather is improving you can move your exercise outside if you like. If you prefer the gym that’s okay too. Make sure to keep up your current exercise routine or switch it up and start something new. The point is to keep your body moving to help you feel good all year round.

3. Break Out the Summer Clothes

Time to put away the snow pants and break out the shorts. Get your summer clothes out of storage so you are ready for those warm days. The changing of seasons is a great time to take an inventory of your clothing. Get rid of or donate anything that doesn’t fit or you just don’t want anymore. Buy any new clothing pieces you need. Don’t forget about your bathing suits!

4. Set Goals

Do you have any goals that you would like to achieve over the summer? Maybe you want to learn a new skill, read ten books, or spend more time with family. Whatever it is, write it down somewhere you will see it often and commit to taking steps towards that goal over the summer.

5. Plan

Along with planning your goals, take some time to plan out any summer trips or activities you would like to do. Some fun summer activity ideas you may want to do are going to the beach, making homemade ice cream, going to a museum, or having friends over for a bonfire.