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As a mom, you spend much of your energy caring for your family and often very little time dedicate to yourself. Too many moms still feel selfish when they want to do things for themselves. However, self-care is not selfish; in fact, taking care of yourself is a prerequisite to being able to give love and attention to those who depend on you. Self-care comes from a place of strength within you, a deep sense of self-worth and advocacy.

Take time out each day just for you – even if it’s only 15 minutes. Here are some tips for taking better care of yourself.

1. Accept Help

The first step in self-care for moms is to accept help. Not only is it okay to receive support from family and friends, it’s vital. Remember, people who are genuinely interested in helping don’t view it as a chore, it’s a gift from the heart that brings as much joy to the giver as the receiver.

2. Pamper Yourself

Taking time to pamper yourself is an essential part of self-care, whether you want to exercise, enjoy a bubble bath, or simply sit quietly for a moment and listen to music. Things like reading for pleasure will boost your endorphins and help you focus. Pampering yourself will help you to better cope with the challenges of motherhood. You’ll have more energy for yourself and your family.

3. Spend Time with Friends

Spend some quality time with your friends. Get a family member to watch the kids while you grab some coffee with a friend. Call a friend while your baby naps just to chitchat for a few minutes. This socialization allows you to retain your sense of self and recharge your batteries. Being a mom is a fantastic experience, but you aren’t “just a mom” — You are still the amazing woman you were before having kids.

4. Journaling

Writing in a journal can be very satisfying and relaxing. Write about your day, things that went well and things that didn’t go as planned. Write about the weather, your kids, or the birds you see outside your window. There are no rules! Make your journal as creative as you want it to be – Adorn the pages with pictures or doodles. Throw in a couple of stickers or flowers. Have fun with it and remember, there is no right or wrong way to journal.

5. Sleep

A good night’s sleep helps keep you energized, focused, and healthy. However, you may not be getting adequate sleep at night, especially if you have a newborn. You will have to be flexible with your bedtime. Take advantage of baby nap times and sleep when they sleep. Have a crabby toddler who doesn’t want to let go of you? Cozy up on the couch and nap together. Sleep when you can. The laundry will still be there when you wake up.

6. Comfort

Get comfortable with your wardrobe. PJs and slippers are just fine for a day spent indoors and sweatpants and sneakers work nicely while grocery shopping. Save dressing up for date night, that will make it all the more special.

7. Order Online

You may not always feel like leaving the house to shop for groceries and other essential items. And why would you if you can order online. At this point all major grocery stores and pharmacies offer home delivery. Take the stress out of keeping your cupboards stocked and take advantage of those services.