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Talking To Your Kids About Sex

Kids should feel comfortable talking to their parents about sexual health and relationships. Talking about sex can be uncomfortable but kids who have regular communication with their parents about sex and relationships are more likely to prioritize their sexual health and safety. Parents should consider their own opinions on sex and relationships before they talk…

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Sports Can Support Women’s Rights

Women have been fighting for their rights and equality for a long time. One of the many things that women’s rights advocates have been promoting is equality in sports. Athletics is not just for men and boys anymore. The National Youth Sports Strategy has compiled research that shows that sports can lead to many mental,…

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Female Hair Loss Image
Options for Treating and Covering Up Female Hair Loss

Many women experience hair thinning, hair loss, or baldness during their life. Female hair loss is not often discussed because women feel like they should all have long luscious full heads of hair but that is just not the case for everyone. According to Harvard Health, approximately one-third of women experience hair loss.1 This can…

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Hair Removal Methods Image
Hair Removal Methods

Taking care of your hair down there can be intimidating to some. There are so many different methods of hair removal they can easily get confusing. There is nothing wrong with pubic hair and it is totally natural. The good news is if you don’t want to remove it, you don’t have to. While some…

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Breast Implants Image
Know the Risks of Breast Implants

It is essential to know the risks of breast implants if you are considering them. Read on to learn more about what to look for in a good surgeon and the possible risks to be aware of. Thousands of women get breast implants every year. If you are considering getting breast implants it is important…

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Halloween Safety Images
Keep Your Kids Safe This Halloween

Halloween is a fun holiday for kids and families but it is important to stay safe. Follow these tips to have a safe, healthy, and fun Halloween. Fall is here which means Halloween is right around the corner. It is fun dressing up, being with loved ones, going trick-or-treating, or any other activities you enjoy.…

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Summer Weight Loss Image
How to Maintain Your Summer Weight Loss

Tips to maintain your summertime weight loss and avoid weight gain during the cooler months. As summer winds down and cooler weather is arriving, it can be easy to gain a few pounds. Many people’s bodies tend to lose weight during the warm summer months and gain weight during the cold winter months. So how…

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