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8 Ways You Can Promote Your Teen’s Health

The teenage years are so important for a variety of reasons. It’s a time in life when you start to get a little more independence and begin making choices that will affect the future. This applies to health also. The habits and choices that our teens make will shape their health in the future. There…

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What You Should Know About Alopecia

If you have been living under a rock, you may not have heard the news about Will Smith slapping Chris Rock at the Academy Awards over a joke made about his wife Jada Pinkett Smith’s hairstyle. This incident made national news and has been all over the internet. At the time Jada was rocking a…

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TikTok May Be Causing Tics in Teen Girls

TikTok became outrageously popular during the pandemic. Millions of people all over the world spend hours every day scrolling through the short videos featured on the TikTok app. Also, during this time healthcare providers around the world have seen an increase in neurological tics in teenage girls and hypothesize that they could be related to…

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Why You Need to Get Your Yearly Blood Work

You are a good patient and always go to your yearly doctor check-ups. Your healthcare provider checks your blood pressure, does a physical exam, and says you look great but then they give you lab slips to get your blood work done. If the provider already examined you and your vitals were good, why do…

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Does Medication Affect Women Differently Than Men?

Have you ever heard the saying “women are from Venus and men are from Mars?” Although this is false, it points out the fact that men and women are very different from each other. So why are men and women given the same treatments for common medical conditions and diseases? Consider a common condition such…

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What You Should Know About Caffeine

There was an article published recently on about a 29-year old man that died from caffeine toxicity. He was a personal trainer and was using a caffeine powder. He accidentally measured the dosage incorrectly. The story claims that the amount of caffeine in his system was equivalent to 200 cups of coffee. Although caffeine…

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