Do I need to make any special preparations for Breastfeeding?

You do not need to prepare your nipples for breast feeding.

Do I need to take precautions around cats?

Cats: Other persons should empty the litter box. Wash your hands thoroughly after handling a cat.

What about treatment of colds, sore throat, flu, etc. while I’m pregnant?

Please check your medication sheet to see what you may take for particular symptoms. If you feel that a doctor should see you, please call us rather than your primary care provider. As your obstetricians, we provide your total care while you are pregnant.

Are there any special concerns related to dental procedures?

Any dental procedures your dentist recommends is permitted, including x-rays. Be sure your dentist is aware that you are pregnant. Local anesthetics such as Novocain is fine, however “laughing” gas is not recommended and epinephrine should be avoided.

What about exercising while I’m pregnant?

You may continue any exercises you were accustomed to before pregnancy. However, do not get over-heated and do not perform exercises that involve abdominal muscles (sit-ups, crunches, etc.). Adequate rest periods and fluids are a must!

Exposure to Sick Children

Try to avoid obvious exposure; report any symptoms to us when noted. If you have had chicken pox, red measles, mumps, you are already immune to these diseases. Please do not take any vaccines while pregnant unless you have check with your obstetrician.


low your pest control agent’s advice as to how long to stay out of your home. Ventilate the area before re-entering.


Most over-the-counter preparations may be used during pregnancy. If hemorrhoids seem to be getting worse, please call our office. It is important to use a stool softener or fiber in your diet and to drink plenty of liquids.

Hot Tubs:

Hot tubs, jacuzzis, and sauna’s are not recommended while pregnant. These increase you internal body temperature and should be avoided.


Relations, unless otherwise advised by your physician, are permitted as long as you are comfortable. Spotting may occur after intercourse; report any bright red bleeding that is heavier than spotting.

What if I go into labor or suspect that I am in labor?

If you know you are in labor, go to the hospital. If you are unsure, please call and let us help you decide what to do. Click here for more information on How to Tell When Labor Begins.


Paint fumes do not harm your pregnancy but might make you ill. Latex or water based paints have less odor than oil based paints. Use adequate ventilation while painting.

Permanents and Hair Colorings:

We do not recommend hair dyes. Although they are not dangerous, the chemicals in dyes increase hair dryness which increases hair loss during pregnancy. “Highlighting” and permanents are permitted, but permanents may not hold as well while you are pregnant.


Use a sunscreen as skin burns easily during pregnancy. Drink plenty of fluids and avoid overheating.


Swollen ankles usually result from the prolonged effects of gravity. Standing, or even sitting, for long periods may cause significant swelling. Excessive heat can make the conditions worse. Elevating you feet, wearing support hose, increasing fluid (water) intake and avoiding salt will help reduce swelling.

Tanning Beds:

Because the possible side effects are still unknown and still being studied, tanning beds are not recommended.

Are there any restrictions related to travel?

You may travel while pregnant unless otherwise restricted by your doctor. Even if not restricted, you should stop for rest every 1-2 hours when traveling by car prior to 32 weeks. After 32 weeks, you should not travel (by car or air) more that one hour from home.

Ultrasounds Scans (Sonograms):

An ultrasound examination will be performed during the first trimester and around 18-22 weeks to assess fetal growth and anatomy. Additional ultrasound examinations may be conducted if a medical indication exists. With all scans, you are given a DVD which contains a recording of your scan.

What about working during my pregnancy?

You may work until your due date, unless your physician or employer advises otherwise. If your job requires heavy lifting or straining, please check with your doctor for any limitations. Generally, you should not lift items heavier than that which you can lift simply with your hands and arms (no back muscles).